Best Places to Mountain Bike (MTB) in Sedona, Arizona -

Sedona, Arizona is known for its beautiful red rock formations and excellent mountain biking trails. Some popular trails for mountain biking in Sedona include:

  • Bell Rock Pathway: A challenging trail that offers stunning views of Bell Rock.

  • Cathedral Rock Pathway: A moderate trail that takes you to the base of Cathedral Rock, a popular Sedona landmark.

  • Broken Arrow: A technical trail that winds through red rock formations and is popular with advanced riders.

  • Aerie: A challenging trail with steep climbs and descents that offers panoramic views of Sedona.

  • Llama: A beginner-friendly trail that winds through the Coconino National Forest and offers views of Sedona's famous red rocks.

It's always a good idea to check the trail condition and weather before heading out. And make sure you have the right gear, stay on the designated trails, and be respectful of the wilderness and other trail users.

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