UKASE MAX Cable - Shackle: 4.53" x 9.06" (115mm x 230mm) Dia 0.43" (11mm) + 4' x .39" (120cm x 10mm) cable


*Superior Dual-Bolt Locking mechanism provides unmatched strength by securing tightly to both sides of the bar, enhancing pull resistance.

* Intuitive Z-Key Cylinder equipped with advanced BumpBlok technology that resists picking, pulling, and drilling, offering supreme defense against attacks.

* 3 laser Cut Keys ensures precision and smooth operation, granting hassle-free access.

* Protective Rubber Coating on the crossbar for optimum protection against scratches and increased durability.

* 11mm Reinforced Ultra- Hardened Crossbar *Versatile Quick-Release Bracket for multi-position mounting.