Long Sleeve Lite Jersey - B.O.B.O...to Ride Bikes

$39.00 $44.00

The all new Long Sleeve Lite Jersey is made of a light weight, heavily ventilated polyester material. It's cool during hot days while it also protects you from ticks trying to hitch a free ride, overgrown bushes on the side of the trail, or that stray tree branch that’s now sagging a little bit lower than it was on your last lap! This jersey protects you from numerous trailside dangers while staying loose and breathable like a tank top. Feel Lite and free, while shredding in our Handup Long Sleeve Lite jersey!

Here is what makes up our simple long-sleeve jersey:

  • 50+ UPF Sun Protection
  • 4-way stretch, Lite Polyester Material Feels Buttery Smooth on Skin

  • Lighter Weight material absorbs sweat and feels like it's not even there
  • Long Sleeves to Protect from Natures Elements (ticks, insects, overgrown trails, branches, or even the sun)

  • Crew Neck Collar for Comfort fit