Hawaiian - Shrimp on the Barbie

$24.00 $49.00

G'day mate. Welcome to a floral collection that says "I'll toss another shrimp on the barbie for ya!" The subtle arrangement of vibrant vegetation is as easy going as a back yard Bar-B-Que, and we might add... the button up is the perfect attire for such an occasion. 

We focus on creating affordable athletic apparel by removing the features that we think were unnecessary, like a million different pockets, unnecessary seams, or extra buckles that you can never adjust correctly anyway. Instead we wanted to make apparel you could afford while still looking good.

We made an all day button up to wear on your hike, bike, and golf outing, or ANYTHING in between. It’s ready when you are!

We made this all day button up to wear for every occasion, especially occasions on the trail: 

  • 40+ UPF Sun Protection
  • Made from Standard, Breathable ,100% polyester Jersey Material
  • Sweat Wicking to keep you dry
  • Length in the front and rear so it doesn't ride up
  • Added length to sleeves so you aren't adventurin' in a muscle shirt
  • Classic, secure buttons so nothing comes undone
  • NOTICE: Tumble Dry on Low or Hang Dry