FTX-30 Low Pressure Presta Tire Gauge for Bikes (Max 30 PSI) | Fat Tire Bike Series

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The FTX-30 model is designed for bike tires that require up to 30 PSI of inflation (presta valve stem only). If you need a higher PSI range gauge, please see our MBX-60 (Max 60 PSI) or RDX-160 (Max 160 PSI) gauges.

Never be without a reliable low-pressure tire gauge for your bike. This rugged air gauge is designed for use on presta valve equipped bike tires that require low PSI for max performance - such as tires common on fatbikes, downhill mountain bikes, and Enduro racing bikes.

This air gauge has been performance tested on the rugged trails of the Rocky Mountains & calibrated to ANSI B40.1 standards (1.5% Mid Scale) for maximum accuracy in the 10-20 PSI range.


  • Dial: Analogue 2 inch, Glow-in-Dark
  • Working Range: 1-30 PSI
  • Max Accuracy Range: 10-20 PSI
  • Calibration: ±1.5% (Mid Scale)
  • Certification: ANSI B40.1
  • Valve Type: Presta*
  • Storage Case: Included

* For Presta valve stems only, does NOT work with Schrader valve types.

Recommended Use:

  • Fatbikes
  • Enduro Racing
  • Technical MTB (Low PSI)

Key Features:

  • Optimized for low-pressure bike tires (Max 30 PSI) - performance tested & calibrated accurate to ANSI B40.1 standards (1.5% Mid Scale), ensuring quick & accurate pressure readings without relying on batteries (for use on Presta valves only, NOT compatible with Schrader valves).
  • Large, 2" glow-in-dark dial - features easy-to-read low PSI scale (0-30 PSI range), providing precise readings that lock-on to the dial face until the pressure reset button is pressed to zero reading. Equipped with a built-in bleeder valve to release air from overinflated tires & fine-tune your tire pressure.
  • Rugged durability - feels solid in the hand & shielded by our shock-resistant rubberized gauge head cover, keeping the gauge protected from drops & vibrations, the 90-degree direct Presta valve nozzle lets you easily get in between the bike wheel spokes to measure tire pressure with ease.
  • Superior performance - compact & portable design easily stores away in your riding bag or tool kit, so you can always keep your gauge packed for every ride. Includes a hard shell protective zip case to keep your air gauge protected & safe when not in use.
  • A must-have for your bicycle tool kit - enjoy longer-lasting tires, improved traction, & superior handling on the trails thanks to properly inflated bike tires.

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