Flat Mount Jaw Insert


 The Flat Mount Jaw Insert 

For those who find themselves frequently using Connect on flat, 'countertop like' surfaces.

This Flat Mount Jaw Insert greatly improves the grip and stability that Connect is able to achieve when being used on flat surfaces (particularly those less than 1.5" in width). While not imperative when using the Connect on flat surfaces, it does make finding that 'sweet spot' for a firm and stable grip that much easier. 

  • Works in combination with existing V-Shaped Jaw insert 
  • Stows securely inside hollow cavity of clamp
  • Swapping the inserts is tool free, quick, and simple 
  • TPU material offers a secure and durable grip while avoiding any damage to the support structure 
  • Ideal for flat 'countertop like' surfaces

*One TPU Jaw Insert is included with each order

For additional tips and tricks on getting the best grip you can refer to our user manual here